Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bagarre: Claque-le

A new video by the mighty Bagarre, an act who are no strangers to this Blog.

It's an athletic clip for Claque-le, an infectious piece of electro indie.

Bagarre are signe to Disques Enterprise, home of the likes of Moodoid, Grand Blanc  and Blind Digital Citizen. It's innovative company they're keeping, and Bagarre certainly share the colourful imagination and forward-looking attitudes of their label mates.

Bagarre released an EP featuring the track Mourir au club last year, recently they've been supporting acts like Fauve and Yelle in France.

You could easily see Bagarre making the step up to the level of commercial success enjoyed by the acts they've been supporting.

Their debut album  Musique de club is expected in September.

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