Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Acts: Amoure - Plage

Always time at this time of years for a dreamy song with a title like Plage, regardless of whether the summer heat in the UK matches that of France or not.

Amoure are not the easiest acts to Google search, but they're a three piece from Strasbourg consisting of Nicolas Lietaert,  Julien Hermann and Thibault Dutt.

Strasbourg might not be the closest French city to the sea, but that doesn't seem to pose any great problem to them when it comes to capturing the sensation of sunshine and sand in song form.

It's their first relase and there's something of Francois and the Atlas Mountains about it,  infectious and upbeat but edgy with it.

The kind of French pop that can't help but make you smile, whether you're on the beach at Antibes or Ayr.

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