Thursday, 6 August 2015

Panteros666 fet Woodkid: Clear

I missed this track that came out a couple of weeks ago, some new material from Woodkid collaborating with Panteros666, a member of the group Club Cheval.

Woodkid last appeared with  Lykke Li on the track Never Let You Down, which featured on the Insurgent movie soundtrack.

The new track comes on an  EP, featuring four versions of the track.

Clear has a very different sound for Woodkid, marking his first excursion into a more overtly dance orientated environment.

Woodkid's not released an album since his 2013 The Golden Age debut, a remarkable album that has
if anything grown in status since then.

While he has apparently been focusing his attention on non-musical activities recently - he is of course a talented video director who has spoken about his wish to direct movies - the possibility of a new album is certainly something to look forward to.

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