Friday, 14 August 2015

Rebels of Tijuana: Mambo

A Swiss band today, but one from the francophone part of the country, and one that makes a
particularly fine garage rock sound.

The Rebels of Tijuana have been around since 2008, having apparently met up at a screening of cult movie Vanishing Point.

They describe themselves as a Psyche Yéyé & Rock'n'Roll band, In a Gainsbourg - Dutronc - Stones way.

While there's an obvious flavour of the 60s in their work, there's more than a nod to French new wave acts like Téléphone too.

They've released a number of albums including 2010's Where did this trip go wrong and 2012' La Bourgeoise.

Their Mambo EP featured a French version of Syd Barrett's No Man’s Land, entitled Lady Acide.

The band are currently mixing their new album.

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