Monday, 2 November 2015

Jean-Michel Jarre: Deezer Close Up

A nice little interview with Jean-Michel Jarre, with music streaming service Deezer appropriately enough putting the focus squarely on the music.

While Jarre has just released a new album, the interview only touches on it briefly, moving to  music Jarre has an involvement in, or has affected him.

He talks about his working with M83, the  cover of his song Les Mots Bleus by Alain Bashung, the music by his father Maurice Jarre for Dr Zhivago, and how the music of Chet Baker affected him.

He talks about working with Laurie Anderson, who features on his most recent album as well as on his Zoolook album from  the 1980s, and discussed Christine and the Queens covering the song Paradis Perdus which he wrote for Christophe.

In discussing St Germain he makes the claim that electronic music is a European thing, and not the natural territory of the US or UK, saying "For me electronic music really first emerged from France and Germany, in Germany with Stockhausen and in France with Pierre Henry and Pierre Shaeffer and it has little to do with the USA and anglo-saxon countries. "

He adds that rock 'n' roll is an ethnic music of the anglo saxon that went on to conquer the world, but its a type of music that many outside the anglo saxon world struggle to express themselves in.

 It's an interesting point of view, and one that's bound to be debated.

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