Wednesday, 11 November 2015

November 11 - Armistice Day

An old school song to mark Armistice day, November 11.

Renaud's 2009 album Molly Malone – Balade irlandaise saw his interpretations of Irish songs He'd previously toured pubs in Ireland in '97, with little publicity despite his being a large star in France at the time.

The album was a number one seller in France, despite questions being asked about the strength of Renaud's voice, by both critics and fans.

It has been, so far, his last full album release, but he remains very much a high-profile figure with the two Bande à Renaud collections introducing his work to a new generation.

Renaud's French version of the song Willie McBride retains much of the original's anti-war sentiment.

With the drums of war beating as loudly as ever, and with xenophobia and racism being exploited for political ends, the lesson of the First World War has, it seems, still not been learned.

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