Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Calogero: Le monde moderne

A new video by Calogero, with the track Le Monde Moderne the latest from his Les feux d'artifice to get the high-profile visual treatment.

Since his sixth album came out in 2014, it's proven to have a long commercial lifespan. A number one seller, it's sold some 700,000 copies since it came out, sustained by six previous singles.

Le Monde Moderne was written by Calogero's partner Marie Bastide, whose previous work includes songs for Céline Dion and Florent Pagny, as well as the award-winning song Un jour au mauvais endroit, the first single from Calogero's Les feux d'artifice.

The video by Amélie Harrault is a tasteful piece of work, a nod to the likes of Jules Verne and the 19th century French view of the future, both beautiful and surreal.

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