Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Festival: Fête de l’Humanité 2016

The first names have been confirmed for the 2016 Fête de l’Humanité festival.

Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy are at the top of the bill, alongside other names including The 1975 and Caribbean Dandee featuring JoeyStarr and Nathy

The event is a major annual fundraiser for the L'humanité newspaper, which recently launched a major fight for its survival asking supporters to back the paper.  L'Humanité has historically been aligned with the French Communist Party, but they make the point that the  struggle they face goes beyond party politics and the issue is at heart one of plurality in the media.

The #lHumaniteCestNous campaign has attracted widespread support, with names such as Renaud backing the paper.

The Fête de l’Humanité festival is of course more than just a music event, although over the decades it has attracted many of the biggests names to its cause, with debates and discussions held for activists throughout.

More names will be addded to the bill between now and September.

la Fête de l’Humanité takes place on Septemer 9, 10 and 11 at the Georges-Valbon park in  La Courneuve in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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