Monday, 18 April 2016

Christine and the Queens at Coachella

If Glastonbury Festival underwent a Hollywood re-make, it would probably be something like Coachella.

The beautiful people at play, a stylish and well-heeled audience and a cast of thousands on stage and the drama of acts making a potentially massive impression on a north American audience.

This year it was the time of Christine and the Queens, and while the likes of Guns 'n' Roses and LCD Sound System grabbed headlines, France's favourite certainly rose to the occasion.

Last year Stromae took to the stage at Coachella and it established him as a major player in the USA, going on to sold-out tour dates a short time later, no small achievement for a francophone artist.

Christine and the Queens performed an English language set, following the release of the new edition of her Chaleur Humaine album in a more anglo-friendly format. She's a unique performer, and it seems many across the Atlantic have now say up and taken notive.

She spoke to Vogue magazine about playing Coachella, telling reporters how she would stay up to watch the live streaming of the festival.

Christine and the Queens are no strangers to playing live in the USA, having toured with Marina and the Diamonds, but after Coachella I reckon she'll be the headline act next time she plays there.

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