Thursday, 21 December 2017

Anggun: What We Remember

French star Anggun is currently appearing as a judge on Asia's Got Talent for the second time, but
she's still found the time to release a new single entitled What We Remember.

The song gives a flavour of Anggun's most recent album,  an English-language collection entitled 8. Throughout her career she's released material in French, English and Indonesian, normally with an English and French version of each album.

Her last album was 2015's Toujours un ailleurs, and rather than record an English version of that collection, she went instead on to record completely new material in English for the 8 album.

Anggun is a hugely successful French Asian artist, reaching an international audience following her move to France from Indonesia in the late 90s, her Au nom de la lune album establishing her in France after generating huge sales and a Victoires de la musique nomination. 

She's gone on to sell millions of copies of subsequent albums, become one of Indonesia's most high profile celebrities and become a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

If there's something that looks a bit familiar in the video, it's maybe the bridge. If you've seen the Orelsan video for the track Basic, the scenes for Anggun's video were shot at the same location in Ukraine.

It's a small world after all!

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