Monday, 25 December 2017

Johnny Hallyday: Noel Interdit

Given the momentous events in the past few weeks, it was only fair that we give Johnny Hallyday a mention on Christmas Day.

A 1973 acoustic version of Noel Interdit on TV, with Jane Birkin watching on.

If the death of David Bowie shook fans - and at the end of the day anyone who was into music in a big way had to be a fan of Bowie -  the death of Johnny meant France lost not only their Elvis, but their Beatles, Stones, Tom Jones and Bruce Springsteen at once.

The French music landscape in 2018 will be a very different one from previous years. Whatever your view about Johnny, there was no denying his presence. He was measure against which, in music terms, success, celebrity, popularity, and career could be measured.

So 2018 will see a posthumous album recorded in 2017, but there will be no promised rock and blues tour. Stadiums and arenas across France will each stand empty and silent one extra night.

We'll never see the likes of Johnny Hallyday again.

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