Monday, 11 December 2017

Grégoire: Mes enfants

A touching video for the track Mes enfants by Grégoire, the second song to be taken from his recently released album entitled A écouter d'urgence.

It's the kind of classically sentimental chanson that the French do very well. It could have been written any time over the last 100 years although has something of the favour of Renaud's ballads about it.

Grégoire's 2008 debut album Toi + Moi was a massive seller and established him as an artist in France.

A écouter d'urgence is Grégoire's sixth album including the Thérèse, Vivre d'Amour concept album that saw him directing the musical settings of poems by St Thérèse of Lisieux.

His most recent album was 2015's Poésies de notre enfance which again saw him again take poetry and adapt it to music.

A écouter d'urgence was released in November, publicised by the track La Lettre.

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