Thursday, 25 January 2018

Judah Warsky: La Voiture Ivre

As I noted last week, this year has so far been marked by the return of artists I've featured on this blog early in their careers releasing new material that has surprised and impressed me.

The idea of the artists facing a 'difficult album' after their debut seems to have gone, with artists producing confident works that show they have developed their skills displayed in their earlier work, taken things to a new level and gone beyond expectations.

I was looking back at a previous post about Judah Warsky and I found that it was posted within a few days of an earlier post about Owlle.

Judah Warsky is already onto his third album, with La Voiture Ivre the first single from the recently released Avant/Après album.

2012's magnificently titled Painkillers and Alcohol and 2014's Bruxelles showed Warsky was a singular talent among electronic artists, Painkillers and Alcohol described right here on this blog as 'a strange and unique piece of work.'

I was delighted to get his track Bruxelles, capital de l'europe featured on the soundtrack of a Scottish political news programme on a report about European politics. A lot has changed since then, but that distinctiveness he's always displayed remains to the fore Avant/Après.

There's no one like him and long may that continue.

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