Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Mylène Farmer: Rolling Stone

After months of speculation that new material  was on its way, Mylène Farmer has dropped a new track.

The trailer for the film Ghostland, Mylène's first since 1994, came out last week and was quickly followed by a brief video suggesting the imminent release of the track Rolling Stone.

That track has now come out, a slice of Bollywood flavoured electro pop that sees Mylène working with French DJ/producer Feder. 

Feder's debut single Goodbye was a number one in France and a massive hit elsewhere in 2015, and he's gone on to release more deep house flavoured tracks.

Following the release of Rolling Stone, Feder said on his Facebook page: "Congrats Mylene, glad to be part of the adventure!"

Where that adventure goes next, there's little official word but as always with Mylène there's plenty of speculation. Worth remembering that she's probably France's biggest living music star now, so any new album or tour by her is kind of a big deal. 

Her last album, 2015's Interstellaires, which featured the track Stolen Car - a duet with Sting produced by French DJ The Avener - was a triple platinum seller in France and a top ten hit in 16 countries. It also featured her 14th and 15th number one singles in France.

Since then she's quit Universal Music, where she had been since the start of her career, and signed to Sony Music.

There's no video as yet for Rolling Stone, but one is apparently being shot in Prague and is likely to come out in early February

Ghostland, meanwhile, comes out in France on March 14, with a two days before that at the Grand Rex in Paris. Mylène Farmer expected to attend the event along with the other stars of the movie.

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