Friday, 2 March 2018

Cats on Trees: Black Lips

Another track by Cats on Trees drops ahead of the release of their much-anticipated new album.

Black Lips sees Nina and Yohan take on a more electro reggae direction. It's tricky for an act to embrace new ideas without diluting their essence, but I reckon Cats on trees retain their slightly wonky charm.

Keep on Dancing, the first track to emerge from the new collection, saw them embrace a more disco friendly focus. The track Blue emerged a short time later.

Their 2013 track Siren's Call established them, a massive selling tune that remained in France's top 20 for months. But their debut album cemented them as something more than a modern indie-folk act that got lucky with one song.

They've taken their time with their second album, by the sound of things they've worked pretty hard defining the essence of their act - sweet piano led indie chanson -  and taken it forward with some new ideas.

The new album by Cats on Trees, entitled Neon, is released on March 16. They've got live dates in April and May and play La Cigale in Paris on May 16

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