Sunday, 4 March 2018

Her: Neighbourhood

A new video with a strong message by Her ahead of the release of the act's debut album at the end of the month.

The release of the album is perhaps more poignant than many others in recent years given the tragic circumstances behind the band. Originally a duo of Simon Carpentier and Victor Solf, Simon died of cancer age 27 last year.

Simon and Victor had been working together for ten years, initially as member of the Rennes based five piece The Popopopops (which we featured on this blog way back in 2013) and had since 2015 worked with considerable success to established Her as one of France's most promising emerging acts.

Their two EPs Tape #1 and Tape #2 showed a band that more than capable of delivering on that promise.

Following the death of Simon Carpentier, Victor confirmed he intended to continue working under the name Her to continue the work they had done together.

In a statement he said: "Together we made a promise. The promise to continue at all costs this magnificent adventure. Today it is his legacy that I carry in me, and it is my wish and that of all the team for Her to continue to carry our music as far as possible."

The track is a positive and uplifting piece, the clip an appropriate one for a world where there are too many walls and not enough neighbourhoods.

As they put it themselves: "We wrote this song a long time ago, and it's still very true today. It's always about hope and unity."

The title track of the new album We Choose came out in January and the album itself is available from March 30

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