Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Hollydays: On a déjà (du SON dans mon SALON SESSION)

A great little acoustic session by Hollydays, playing in an apartment for du SON dans mon SALON.

The duo of Elise Preys and Sébastien Delage have been working together since 2012, and released their Les Animaux EP in 2014, another Les Insatisfaits the following year,

A five-track EP of covers came out last year, where they take on songs originally by MC Solaar, Niagra, Jacques Dutronc, La Petite Sirene and Jean-Pierre Mader. This might give some indication of where they sit artistically - somewhere in the middle between classic French pop and more contemporary sounds.

Their most recent EP release is L'Odeur Des Joints, a four-track affair which came out in February, featuring Je bois, the title track, On a déjà, and the song Léo.

On a déjà,  Léo and  L'Odeur Des Joints all feature on their forthcoming 13 track debut album, Hollywood Bizarre, due to be released on November 2.

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