Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Limiñanas - Russian Roulette

A video for  the new single Russian Roulette by The Limiñanas, one of France's finest purveyors of garage rock.

The Limiñanas: I've Got Trouble in Mind 2
The track comes from their forthcoming new album I've Got Trouble in Mind vol.2 and the video looks like its been just a little bit influenced by the title sequences of a James Bond film.

The album collects some of the bands rare material - singles and compilation tracks - from 2015-2018, following their first Trouble in Mind collection that documented some of their rare material from 2009-2014.

It's a cover of a song by The Lords of the New Church, originally a track on their 1982 self-titled debut album.

The Lords of the New Church were a hugely popular cult act in the 80s whose members were already established figures from the punk scene, vocalist Stiv Bators was in the Dead Boys, Brian James was in the Damned and other members had been in Sham 69 and the Barracudas. They were one of the first bands to adopt a goth style, and released three albums before they split in 1989.

They probably should have been massive, a quick watch of any archive footage of them shows just how much Guns 'n' Roses 'borrowed' from them.

Stiv Bators - who would have been 69 today - died in 1990 as a result of being hit by a taxi in Paris. His ashes were scattered on Jim Morrison's grave in Pere Lachaise cemetery.

It's not the first time a Lords of the New Church song has been covered by a significant French act, with a version of their song Dance With Me recorded by Nouvelle Vague.

The Limiñanas have dates in Germany and France next month and in December, while I've Got Trouble in Mind vol.2 is released on November 16.

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