Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Halo Maud: Dépression Au-dessus Du Jardin

Like pretty much any fan of French music, I'm a huge fan of Serge Gainsbourg and always enjoy a decent cover version of his songs.

Dépression Au-dessus Du Jardin was written by Gainsbourg for Catherine Deneuve for her 1991 album Souviens-Toi De M'Oublier. Like many of Gainsbourg's works it takes its inspiration from classical sources.

This album was one of several that Gainsbourg created for female artists during the later years of his career, including Isabelle Adjani, Bambou and Vanessa Paradis as well as Jane Birkin.

Birkin herself covered the song on her 1996 Versions Jane album, a collection of Gainsbourg songs that he had been originally performed himself or by other artists. A very different version also featured on her Arabesque live album.

I remember hearing that Birkin regarded it as one of her favourite of Gainsbourg's works.

Gainsbourg never released a studio recording of his own version of the song, but a live version was included on his 1986 live album Gainsbourg live, recorded at the Casino de Paris.

The version by Halo Maud, who says: "I can't remember when exactly I recorded this cover of Serge Gainsbourg, in my room, singing along with Eddy Crampes whose correctness of interpretation (I mean in every songs he's singing on) amazes me. "

Halo Maude released her ebut album Je Suis Une Île in May, one of teh many fine albums released this year.

She has a couple of forthcoming shows in Brazil, before returning to France where she plays dates with Forever Pavot, Terrenoire and Barbara Carlotti.

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