Monday, 17 December 2018

Video: Justice - Heavy Metal

Taking its inspiration from the world of American marching bands, the new video by Justice for their track Heavy Metal is a change from the ultra-violence of their last release Love SOS.

Heavy Metal originally featured on their 2016 Woman album, and a version appeared on this year's Woman Worldwide album that came out in August this year.

Interesting to see the band in an all-American context, as they're the only French representatives this year at the Grammy awards in February. They're in the 'best dance/electronic album' category, alongside Jon Hopkins, Sofi Tucker, SOPHIE and TOKiMONSTA.

I've always thought of Justice as being a rock band, albeit one that operates using a different medium. While their main appeal might be to fans of electronic music, those into more established sounds can find plenty to love in what Justice do. I can imagine Metallica fans getting into Justice, and not just on account of this song title.

France has always been good at producing acts that ignore the established musical genre conventions and create something new instead.

Hopefully Justice will be served at the Grammys, they certainly deserve the recognition. They've continued to create music that's cutting edge but instantly accessible, new but informed by the work of earlier artists.

Justice for all? Without a doubt.

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