Friday, 25 October 2013

Charles Aznavour at the Royal Albert Hall

Charles Aznavour takes to the stage of the Royal Albert Hall in London tonight.

There are few singers that actually merit the title 'legend', but Aznavour is one of them.

Even Sinatra in his later years did not command the kind of respect that Aznavour receives.

For many he embodies the finest attributes of France, romantic, poetic and intelligent, but also a caring human being rather than an aloof idol.

Of course, to many he's an embodiment of another time, an antique that while interesting and no doubt culturally important, isn't really relevant in this day and age.

But I doubt anyone in the Royal Albert Hall tonight will see it that way.

To be honest, if his set tonight consists of nothing more than him walking on stage and taking a bow, he'll get 90 minutes of a standing ovation and everyone in the crowd will go home happy.

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