Thursday, 3 October 2013

Mylène Farmer: Monkey Me

A new video has emerged for the track Monkey Me, the new single by Mylène Farmer.

The song is the title track from Farmer's most recent studio album , the release coincides with her Timeless 2013 tour, that has so far seen her play a lengthy engagement in Paris, and is currently touring around France.

The video is by Eric Delmotte and Luc Froehlicher, Froehlicher having worked on visual aspects of Farmer's tour. It had been expected that there wouldn't be a video released to accompany the song, but

Mylène herself doesn't feature in the video, perhaps she's been a little busy putting the tour together to get involved.

The single gets a physical release at the beginning of next week, it will be interesting to see if it gives her another number one single to add to her growing collection.

The cover for the single was chosen from potential designs submitted by fans in a competition, with Mylène selecting her favourite to appear on the cover.

It's the third track to be released as a single from the album which emerged last year, following À L'Ombre and Je te dis tout.

Farmer's tour continues, Monkey Me being one of the tracks featured in her set, and some of her earlier albums get a special release as picture discs next week, while there's speculation that a recording of one of her shows might be releases as a live DVD before the end of the year.

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