Friday, 11 October 2013

The return of Taratata

Despite the television station made the decision to axe long-running TV music show Taratata, the show refused to go quietly, and is set to make a return in an online format later this month.

A teaser video has been released to promote the new version of the show, and from what it shows it seems that the show has lost none of its high production values despite being essentially a web-only show.

The new edition of the show features Patrice, Ayo and Cats on Trees.

The return of the programme in spite of a decision by a broadcaster to end it raises many interesting questions about the media and its relationship with the the online world. If a programme like Taratata can remain viable online, will TV companies invest in music shows? Will more quality music shows be developed online?

What audience will the new show attract and how does that compare to the regular broadcast figures?

It will be interesting to find out and we'll no doubt find out soon enough.

In the mean time, the show will be streamed online on October 18 at 20.00 French time at

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