Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Editorial: October 2013

Another buy month here at vive le roq, and while never managing to get all the content on the site that I want
to do, getting some great material on and hopefully reflecting some of the exciting things that are going on in the French music scene.

The big event of last month was probably Mylene Farmer's tour, with one of France's most popular acts undertaking her long-awaited tour. The tour continues this month, with a show being recorded for release, potentially before the year is out.

Meanwhile, the end of the month sees some of France's best acts play in London under the banner of the Oohlala festival.

This month sees little let up, with a huge number of releases expected to hit the shelves in the run-up to the holiday season.

Among this month's releases is the new one by Sébastien Tellier, which certainly should be an interesting album if the single that was released last month is anything to go by.

In terms of the site we've again had a good month for visitors to the site, so if you're coming back, good to see you again, and if you're visiting for the first time, bienvenue. Hope you like what we're doing.

As always, I can be contacted on johnkilbrideAThotmailDOTcom, with the appropriate punctuation where you'd expect it to be.

We're also on Twitter as @viveleroq or you can find me at @karnag

Thanks again are due to the various record companies and promoters who have been in touch, and  thanks as always to the Institut francais in London and the French Music Office in London for help and encouragement.

Merci et à bientôt

John K

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