Friday, 4 April 2014

Détroit: Horizon

A new clip for the band Détroit, and this time its the title track (almost) from their debut album Horizons.

The song Horizon follows the track Le creux de ta main as the fourth track from the collection that came out in November last year by Bertrand Cantat and Pascal Humbert.

If there was an initial suspicion that the duo was little more than a brief project for Cantat, their subsequent single releases and touring schedule seems to suggest that Détroit intend to be a permanent fixture.

Détroit are playing live extensively this year, with the first round of shows beginning next week culminating in five sold-out shows at La Cigale in Paris in June.

They've also got three nights at the Olympia in Paris in October and a show at the Zénith in Paris in December amongst their forthcoming shows.

The new video gives a flavour of the band live, and if it is anything to go by the tour might be one of the most interesting of 2014.

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