Friday, 25 April 2014

Fauve: Infirmiere

A clip that's been around for just over a week by the mighty Fauve, for the track Infirmiere.

It comes from the collective's debut Vieux frères - Partie 1 which was released in February.

I liked the album, although I have to admit it didn't hit me with the impact that I maybe expected it would, but I have to say it has grown on me and this track is a perfect example of that.

It might not have the drama of some of their earlier songs, but it has a haunting and haunted quality, reminding me more of the likes of Arab Strap.

 It has a similar melancholy and humanity and while I was initially a bit suspicious of their positioning themselves as a 'collective' and a 'spoken word' act, thinking it as a way to present rap without the hip hop stylings, I get the feeling that they're actually being more honest and direct in their approach rather than fulfilling genre expectations.

They've got a huge number of festival dates over the summer all over France and they release Vieux frères - Partie 2 later this year.

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