Monday, 4 August 2014

Adrien Gallo: Monokini

A new video by Adrien Gallo for the track  Monokini, a solo offering by the lead singer of BB Brunes.

The most recent album by BB Brunes was the Long Courrier collection from 2012. This reached the top ten in France.

While BB Brunes take a break, Gallo's pursuing a career as a solo artist and as a songwriter.

Gallo recently provided two songs for Vanessa Paradis's Love Songs album. He's also written for Alizée.

The new video takes its visual cues from the videos of the 80s, and pays  a convincing tribute to the days when videos were simpler and vision mixing was  a novelty.

The new track comes out ahead of the release of his solo album entitles Gemini, which comes out on October 27.

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