Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cats on Trees: Love You like a Love Song

A new video has come out from Cats on Trees, the duo whose track Siren's Call was one of the most
memorable debut singles in recent years.

The song featured this time is Love You like a Love Song,  a cover of a track originally by Selena Gomez.

It's their third video from the duo, following Siren's Call and Jimmy.

The song doesn't feature on their debut album which came out in France at the end of last year and in the UK a few months ago.

It's a very different version of the song, they've taken the original and re-made it into something very different that's got more in common with their own music than the high-gloss pop of Selina Gomez.

However, sadly the video's not available in the UK, so I'll make do with a rather nice session versionof the track from July.

Their debut album got a release in the UK a few months after France got to hear it, so I reckon the release of the video over here has been slightly delayed to allow the momentum to build up and for the UK to succumb to their charms in the same way the French audience has.

 Hopefully we'll get to see it before too long.

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