Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Caravane: Maxyme

A fine slice of modern francophone rock from Quebec's  Caravane, who although a band poised to release their debut album, have also a bit more experience than that might suggest.

The members of Caravane also perform as The Hunters,  an alternative rock act which have been active since 2006 and have released three  albums under that name, Dissent lasts in 2008, Promises in 2012 and Art Electric in 2013.

Over the years they've toured extensively, in Canada and the USA, and also playing in Europe last year.

Their forthcoming debut album as Caravane sees move into performing in French, the band members'  mother tongue.

They've absorbed some of North America's finest rock and combined it effortlessly with their local culture. Nicely done.

The debut album by Caravane, entitled Chien Noir, comes out on September the second.

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