Friday, 8 August 2014

Zebda: Une Vie de Moins

I'm a huge fan of Zebda, and looking forward to the release of their new album Comme des Cherokees later this month.

It's also been heartening to see their single Les Petits Pas getting them the recognition they deserve.

However, given what's happening in the middle east I couldn't help but take a look back at a song they released in 2012 that seems if anything even more relevant than ever.

Une Vie de Moins is the kind of song and video that deserves to be shared widely as the murderous events unfold.

Zebda have never shied away from political engagement, and a song like this takes a serious debate to a level that a simple protest song normally would not.

I'm aware the song has its detractors, but it makes the point that most in Gaza are not terrorists, and just want things in life that we in the west take for granted.

I wrote almost two years ago: "Whether pro-Palestinian or pro-Israeli, the only real position worth taking is one that values human life and promotes peace. Hopefully this song and video goes some way towards that."

We're no close to peace, but the hope that one day it might be possible is still there.

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