Monday, 23 February 2015

Alexandre Desplat: The Grand Budapest Hotel Academy Award

A much deserved Oscar award last night for Alexandre Desplat for his soundtrack to The Grand Budapest Hotel.

It has to be said that Desplat had a reasonable chance of bringing something home to put on his mantlepiece given that he was nominated for two seperate Best Soundtrack Academy awards.

As well as The Grand Budapest Hotel, he also created the soundtrack for the film The Imitation Game which was also nominated for the Best Soundtrack Academy Award this year.

The Grand Budapest Hote had been nominated or a number of Oscars, but still picked up four in total. The Wes Anderson film  missed out on Best Film and Best Director and best Original Screenplay awards. It also failed to get Best Cinematography and best editing, but won Best Costume design, best production design  and best make up and hair design as well as  Best Soundtrack.

Desplat's no stranger to the Oscars ceremony,  having been nominated six times before.

Previous work that earned him nominations are The Queen (2007), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2009), Fantastic Mr Fox (2010) The King's Speech (2011), Argo (2013) and Philomena (2014).

He has also won three César awards, for The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2006), The Ghost Writer (2011) and Rust and Bone (2013).

He's also worked on some big name Hollywood films in the past, include The Girl with the Pearl Earing (2003), The Golden Compass (2007),  and Zero Dark Thirty (2012) as well as Harry Potter and Twilight movies.

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