Monday, 16 February 2015

Les Victoires de la Musique 2015: Who won what

A brief look back at who won what at the Victoires de la Musique 2015 on Friday, and equally a look
back at where I thought the honours might have gone.

For all it's easy to criticise award ceremonies as glossy events that don't really reflect the reality of the music scene, they certainly give acts a platform that they might not otherwise have, and bring a massive potential audience to them.

With awards for Cascadeur and The Dø , as well as Christine and the Queens this year, it was a ceremony that saw some well-deserving acts get appropriate recognition.

Nice again to see much of the video available to watch internationally.

Male artist: Julien Doré
Thought that this would have gone to Johnny Hallyday, although I said "Personally I think Julien Doré might deserve it" So nice to see this.

Julien Doré – « Chou Wasabi » Victoires de la... by france2

Female artist: Christine and the Queens
As I predicted, saying "hopefully one of several much-deserved awards" It's been an extraordinary year for Christine, hard to believe the impact that her debut album has had.

Christine & The Queens – « Christine... by france2

Breakthrough album: Indila - Mini World
Again, predicted right. Would have been nice if it went to The Dø , but not surprised it went to this massive selling act.

Indila – « Dernière danse » Victoires de la... by france2

Breakthrough act or artist: Benjamin Clémentine
Called this right, with a "Certainly deserves to win this. " Clémentine is an extraordinary artist who'll certainly go on to be a massive star.

Benjamin Clémentine – « Nemesis » Victoires de... by france2

Best chanson album: Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy - Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy
Predicted this one, and despite what was probably a close fight I said "I think this might go to the old guard though."

Alain Souchon et Laurent Voulzy – « Derrière... by france2

Best rock album: The Dø Shake, Shook Shaken
Though this would go to Shaka Ponk - The White Pixel Ape as they were the more commercial act, but did say: "I thing The Dø would be worthy winners, even though they might not be 'rock'; enough for many folk." So delighted by the result

The Do - Despair, hangover and extasy by rtl-fr

Best urban album: Akhenaton - Je suis en vie
Went for Black M - Les yeux plus gros que le monde, on account of its massive success, but the Akhenaton album probably had more hip hop credibility.

Akhenaton – « Souris, encore » Victoires de la... by france2

Best world music album:  Rivière noire - Rivière noire
Called this one right.

Best electronic album: Cascadeur - Ghost surfer
Had hoped for Yelle - Complètement fou here, but was right to say it wouldn't go to Guetta.  A well deserved winner.

Cascadeur – « Ghost Surfer » Victoires de la... by france2

Best original song: Un jour au mauvias Endroit - Calogero
Had gone for Black M - Sur ma route, but this was always going to be one of the most difficult categories to call.

Calogero – « Un jour au mauvais endroit... by france2

Show, concert or tour:  Stromae
Thought this would have been another for Christine and the Queens, but the Stromae juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down.

Stromae – « Carmen » Victoires de la Musique 2015 by france2

Best video: Christine and the Queens - Saint Claude
Called this one right with a "Of the shortlisted videos, probably the one that stands out. "

So seven out of twelve. A pass, including getting Best Female artist, breakthrough acts and album and Best chanson album and best video.

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