Friday, 13 February 2015

Victoires de la Musique 2015: Who might win

Tonight sees the Victoires de la Musique unfold in Paris, so I thought  a list of who I thought might
win would be in order.

It's not necessarily who I'd like to win in each category, just who I think might swing it.

I reckon it will be a big year for Christine and the Queens, but we'lls ee how it goes.

Male artist
Johnny Hallyday

A strong year for Johnny with the release of Rester vivant and live shows. Personally I think Julien Doré might deserve it but I reckon they'll give this to Jojo.

Female artist
Christine and the Queens

Outstanding year for Christine, hopefully one of several much-deserved awards

Breakthrough album
Indila - Mini World

Massive selling album by an artist who could go on to international success. Would personally prefer The Dø to take this one, but I think they'll got for the more commercial act

Breakthrough act or artist
Benjamin Clémentine

Certainly deserves to win this. 

Best chanson album
Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy - Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy

Close to call this one, Christine and Calogero are both serious contenders. I think this might go to the old guard though.

Best rock album 
Shaka Ponk - The White Pixel Ape

Again, I think this will go to the more commercially successful act, again I thing The Dø would be worthy winners, even though they might not be 'rock'; enough for many folk.

Best urban album
Black M - Les yeux plus gros que le monde

Rap album with Sexion d'assaut credentials, but with massive crossover popularity.

Best world music album 
Rivière noire - Rivière noire

Best electronic album
Yelle - Complètement fou

Fingers crossed. Guetta might be the obvious one here, being such a big seller, but hopefully Yelle will get what they deserve.

Best original song
Black M - Sur ma route

Another one that's very close to call. All four songs here are impressive. Hip hop is massively popular and this is a hugely likable track that went well beyond his own (massive) fanbase.

Show, concert or tour
Christine and the Queens

Probably Christine's year at the Victoires. 

Best video
Christine and the Queens - Saint Claude

Of the shortlisted videos, probably the one that stands out. 

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