Friday, 20 February 2015

New Acts: I Me Mine - Waiting for summer.

Two tracks, a limited seven inch and a video from I Me Mine, featuring the song Waiting for

The band say their influences include Supertramp,  The Beatles  and The Prodigy, but given their name and their obvious love of the music of the 60s, I've Got a Feeling that the band's name lets it be apparent that they Dig The Beatles.

Syd Barrett is one of their heroes, and they takes the 60s psychedelic pop sound into the 21st century. There's certainly a Floydian feel to the Waiting for Summer video, although there's a lot more going on than simply trying to recreate the sounds of several decades ago.

The band have released a couple of EPs so far, the Mono EP in 2012, and Life is Strange in 2013.
Earlier this year they were selected as one of the ten finalists for the Ricard S.A Live Music prize.

Their track Waiting for Summer was released as a limited edition seven inch vinyl,  and the band are currently working in the studio on their debut album. They've also got some live dates in March, April and June.

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