Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Charlie Hebdo anniversary

Hard to believe a year has passed since the horror of what happened in Paris last January.

The deaths at Charlie Hebdo and at Hyper Cacher were a dark moment, and tragically one that was to be repeated before the end of the year.

But the attempt to sow terror into the hearts of French people and Europe in general was a failure, as the massive worldwide displays of solidarity following the deaths clearly showed. Rather that generating fear, the cowards behind the attacks only galvanised support for key values of European culture, and made it clear that those who attempt to overthrow it by terrorism are bound to fail.

And despite another atrocity later in 2015, the terrorists failed again. As they will if they try again.

But there's a time to remember the victims, and recall those who fell last year with respect.

The president unveiled plaques in tribute at the scenes yesterday, albeit with an almost appropriately perfect black satire, the name of one of the Charlie Hebdo artists was spelled wrongly.

A year on, Charlie Hebdo is very much alive and kicking, and the provocation and ridicule that is its currency now getting a wider audience than ever.

France is commemorating the tragic events over a period of several days around the actual Januay 7 anniversary.

An event will be held at place de la République in Paris at the weekend.

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