Friday, 8 January 2016

The return of Renaud

The long-awaited return of the singer Renaud looks like it will be one of the highlights of 2016.

The much-loved singer is set to release a new album in March, the first by M. Séchan first since 2009's Molly Malone - Balade Irelandaise collection of cover versions of Irish songs.

Recent years have seen him battle ill health, in particular alcoholism. But interest in him has never diminished, with the release in recent years of two tribute albums re-establishing his reputation with a new generation, as well as cementing the tribute album as a commercially and artistically significant enterprise.

Last year he appeared as a guest on the new album by Grand Corps Malade, Il Nous restera ca. While his contribution Ta Batterie was met with debate over the quality of his vocals, his re-emergence after his absence was on the whole welcomed.

A message to a fans' Facebook group revealed that he has finished the recording of the new album, he says that he has been off alcohol for months, cut down on smoking and is in good form.

He added that he intends to return to the stage, with a tour of the Zénith arenas. Details of the tour will emerge in coming months.

More recently, ub an interview with Europe1 he elaborated, saying that the new 14 track album was his most beautiful since his classic Mistral Gagnant over 30 years ago, and the songs were inspired by the Paris terrorist attacks.

Renaud was of course closely involved in Charlie Hebdo magazine over the years, putting money towards its reappearance in 1992 after it folded in 1981. He wrote a column for it for several years.

He also revealed two of the song titles, Hyper Cacher and J'ai Embrassé un Flic, both written following the January 11 2015 demonstrations.

Rénaud likens to return to a phoenix. However his new album and tour turns out, it will be a fascinating and unexpected chapter in the biography of one of France's most highly regarded artists.

Renaud : "Mon album est, sans prétention... by Europe1fr

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