Monday, 25 January 2016

Michel Delpech tribute: Nolwenn Leroy and Laurent Voulzy

A tribute to Michel Delpech on French TV at the weekend, with Grand Show on France 2 assembling some big names to perform some of his work.

Delpech died on January 2 aged 69 following a battle with cancer, one of several big names from the world of music to have passed away over the holiday season.

As a singer songwriter he was most associated with the late 1960s to mid 1970, despite his career continuing well into the 21st century following something of a comeback in the 1980s.

Of his work, his song Wight is Wight gave him surprise recognition in the UK in 1969, the song celebrating the Isle of Wight festival.

The weekend show featured a cover of this performed by Nolwenn Leroy and Laurent Voulzy, as well as performances by Calogero, Pascal Obispo, Bénabar and Serge Lama amongst others.

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