Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Renaud: Toujours debout

The return of Renaud remains one of 2016 most fascinating musical prospects, with a new album expected in March and a tour promised as well.

Recent interviews see him in good form, free from the alcohol addiction that has plagued his health in recent years.

Many would not have expected him to release any more work since 2009's Molly Malone collection of Irish songs. A quiet retirement due to his failing health was what most would have thought likely.

But 2016's Renaud defies the gloomy predictions, by seeming upbeat and in good shape. He says his new work is his best since Mistral Gagnant, a collection that was for many a high water mark in contemporary French chanson, and given the affection with which he is held expectations are bound to be high.

So a new single finally appears. Plenty will be read into the lyrics, and scrutiny will no doubt be passed on his voice and how it sounds.

He might get the benefit of the doubt, but to these ears there sounds like there is a lot to look forward to. His humour and style are there, and the voice is as distinctive as ever and stronger than expected.

Renaud says he is overwhelmed by the positive response he's had to the release, crediting his producer Michaël Ohayon - his guitarist for many years - for the success of the song.

He descibes himself as Renaud the phoenix. He might just be right.

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