Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Daven Keller: Reverse

A new video by Daven Keller, an artist who is no stranger to this blog. 

Reverse shows the same level of imagination and style as his previous work, both nusically and visually. And like his previous work, it's a completely self-made affair, with DK not only writing, composing arranging, producing and performing all the music, but he also directed and edited the video as well.

In an interview with this blog last year, he said: "Music and filming both shared a lot in common so I got into this new form of art with lots of interest and happened to make eight videos out of the album."

He's certainly made a good job of it, a simple visual idea thought through and executed with confidence. Nice work.

Reverse features on his Reaction in C album released last year.

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