Monday, 22 February 2016

Pony Pony Run Run: Alright

 A new clip, a 360 degree experience too, by Pony Pony Run Run. 

The Nantes-based act return in 2016 in a slightly different shape, now a two piece consisting of Gaëtan et Amaël.

It's their first release since their 2012 self titled second album. Their 2009 debut You Need Pony Pony Run Run reached the top 20 in France.

The band had that rare combination of being both popular and critically credible, but perhaps never got the widespread commercial recognition that they deserved. Hopefully the still very likeable 2016 version of Pony Pony Run Run will get the reward they deserve.

Their new album - titled Voyage Voyage - is released on March 4 and it's available to pre-order.

They have a series of live dates scheduled from April, preceded by a show in St Avertin, and they play at La Cigale in Paris on May 17

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