Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rone "(oo)"

A new video from Rone, this time for the track (oo), the opening track to his most recent album.

Creatures was one of 2015's key releases and a favourite as far as this blog is concerned.

If this track might have been overlooked as a piece in its own right, the video gives it a whole new dimension. Like the best music videos, it's a simple and imaginative idea, perfectly done.

It also showcases Rone's music as potential soundtrack, and given the success that other French acts have enjoyed in recent years producing soundtrack works for critically acclaimed films it would be no surprise at all to see Rone follow this path.

Rone has been playing some dates recently in North America and has show this month in Bordeaux and La Rochelle before heading to New Zealand and Australia for festival dates.

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