Friday, 7 April 2017

BB Brunes: Eclair éclair

A return for French rock four piece BB Brunes, with the release of their new single Eclair éclair.

The track comes from the band's fourth album, which is due out in September 2017.

It follows the release of Long Courrier in 2012, which like their two previous albums a top ten hit in France and the song Coups et Blessures giving them a significant hit single.

Since then singer Adrien Gallo has embarked on a solo career with his album Gemini in 2014, and he's written songs for artists like Alizée, Vanessa Paradis and Yelle.

They're touring from early 2018 but have three shows lined up in Paris before then in September, where the band will play each of their previous three albums each night.

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