Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Juliette Armanet: Monte le Son session featuring I feel it coming (The Weeknd cover)

A lovely 'VF' cover version of I feel it coming by The Weeknd by Juliette Armanet.

The song, the original of which was a massive hit in France as it was pretty much everywhere else,  takes on a laid back jazzy feel at her hands.

The performance comes from France 4's Monte le son TV show, where in the same session she also performs L’Amour en Solitaire and Alexandre.

 The original of I feel it coming was a collaboration with Daft Punk, from The Weeknd's Starboy album that was released last year. Daft Punk also collaborated on the album's title track, a US Billboard chart number one single.

Juliette Armanet releases her debut album, to be entitled  Petite Amie, on April 7.

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