Friday, 7 April 2017

Les Vieilles Canailles: Vieille Canaille

If French radio station Radio Nostalgie created a supergroup, it would probably be a lot like Les Vieilles Canailles.

Featuring Johnny Hallyday, Jacques Dutronc and Eddy Mitchell, as heritage acts go, it's hard to imagine anything bigger for a French audience. Unless of course Renaud were to make it a four piece.

There's a massive market for this kind of thing in France as every sold-out arena and stadium date on every Johnny Hallyday tour testifies.

The trio originally came together under the Vieilles Canailles name for a series of concerts at Bercy in Paris in 2014, with a set list incorporating some of the biggests hits originally performed by each artist. Some songs they would all perform on, some would be duets and each had two solo numbers.

The new clip comes ahead of their summer tour, which sees the old rascals set out on a series of 17 shows in France, Switzerland and Belgium in June and July.

A gig at Bercy on June 24 has already sold out and a second show the following night has been added.

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