Thursday, 6 April 2017

Daprinski: Le Dernier Homme

A wonderful release by Daprinski, with the Serge Gainsbourg/Jean-Claude Vannier flavoured Le Dernier Homme featuring on his Chorégraphies de l'ordinaire debut album release.

The album came out at the end of March, following on from two previous releases, 2013's five track Le corps D'un homme and his George Michael single.

He makes a sophisticated sound, influenced deeply by the classics of French chanson but also with a flavour of American soul, a rich blend that feels new but is also steeped in the kind of classic material you've known and loved for years.

I know some might feel like it's a bit too close in style to that classic Gainsbourg sound, but let's not forget that for many Gainsbourg in the early to mid 70s was the very definition of classy French music, and for many of us outside France it was only a recent musical discovery. We're still catching up with a French style from decades ago, and we urgently need more of it for the 21st century. Daprinski sounds like the guy who's got what we are looking for.

There's a video for Le Dernier Homme due shortly. It's the kind of cinematic music that cries out for appropriate visuals. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with and hopefully posting it here.

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