Monday, 8 April 2013

Renaud : Miss Maggie

I don't celebrated the death of a frail old woman, but the coverage so far of the death of Margaret Thatcher revolts me its the re-writing of history.

Her friendship with Pinochet forgotten, her branding Mandela a terrorist airbrushed from the picture. The communities across the UK that were devastated by her idealogical campaign against the working class, whether miners or steelworkers, railwaymen or teachers disregarded.

Her party were the party of apartheid, militarism, xenophobia, homophobia and greed.

She opened the doors to the bankers,letting them to do as they saw fit with the economy, the consequences of which are being felt on every shore, far beyond the voters who backed her.

I don't even need to detail what she did in Northern Ireland.

Hearing Renaud in the 80s when this song came out gave the many of us disgusted by what was happening in our country a boost, letting us know loud and clear that we were not alone in the face of an idealogical onslaught.

So I won't mourn Miss Maggie. My memory of the 80s were more student demonstrations and miners strikes, the Poll Tax and unemployment.

Her economic miracle only benefited the few, at a cost most of us are still paying.

As one YouTube comment makes clear "Ding dong la sorcière est morte!"

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