Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trust, Margaret Thatcher and Misère

With the funeral today in London of Margaret Thatcher, I though it worth reflecting on another song concerning her by a French artist.

The track Misère by Trust was certainly not the only time a rock act would tackle Thatcher - Iron Maiden's Sanctuary single's cover showing Thatcher murdered by Eddie made that point (She returned with a machine gun on the cover of Women in uniform for her revenge)- it was certainly unusual for a French rock act.

The song featured on the band's third album Marche ou crève from 1982 and was the b side of the single Ton derniere acte.

An English version of the album was also released, with the title Savage. It didn't feature an English version of this track, despite every other song on the album being represented.

Maybe it was thought that the references to the Troubles would cause problems. They probably would have done.

Ironically I can't find a video for the song online, but there's a decent clip by Trust tribute band Répression on the page instead.

I've written about Trust before on this blog, and how they turned the head of this former teenage metal fan. trust were very much a band of their era, aware of the politics around them and their implications.

Trust were actually quite well known in the UK, particularly among rock fans, and were often played on The Friday Rock Show, the legendary Radio One show by Tommy Vance, and in magazines like Kerrang! and music papers including Sounds.

They became less well known after they stopped recording English versions of their albums, they recorded versions of their second (Répression), third (Marche ou crève) and fourth (IV) albums, their debut getting airplay in the UK principally on account of their cover of AC/DC's Ride On.

Trust were a huge influence on the French rock scene, and one of the few to make a significant impact outside France.

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