Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Soma: Letters to Unwrite

Another video has emerged from Soma, a very promising French act.

The track comes from their second album, Nobody Hotter than God, which  was released in France in September last year.

The band's debut album Jewel and The Orchestra was released in 2010. I gave the band a mention back in September, last year and they certainly deserved being featured here again on the strength of this track.

With Phoenix getting a huge amount of attention this year, hopefully some other  bands will benefit from the spotlight being on French rock, and Soma are certainly well placed.

Their biography says that the band play rock from their guts and pop from their hearts, and that certainly sounds like the case.

They've got some live dates coming up, having just played at Printemps de Bourges, and play at Solidays in June.

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