Monday, 29 April 2013

Ulrich Forman: Get Lucky

Since word emerged that a new Daft Punk release was on the cards, the smallest clip has been seized on by DJs and producers to created something with the new sounds.

With Get Lucky finally appearing in full, there's little sign of that abating with all sorts of remixes and mash ups surfacing just a matter of days after the track was published.

Some are more successful than others, but my favourite has to be this rather unique cover by Ulrich Forman, a pseudonym used by Polérik Rouvière.

He's worked with the likes of Yann Tiersen and Alain Souchon since he began his career in the first decade of the 21st century, and has recorded under his own name, as Ledge and released his 2013 EP See My Love under the name Ulrich Forman.

He's also worked in film soundtracks, and his music's featured on commercials.

There's a joyous feel to his most recent single I'm in love, with a flavour of the perfect pop of 60s acts like the Beach Boys, and this cover perhaps shows that however different things might be on the surface, that perfect pop dna shines through every time.

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