Friday, 10 May 2013

Arne Vinzon: Les belles structures

Another track from the electro act Arne Vinzon from their album Les belles Structures, which
was released in France this week.

The band describes the album as "eleven sombre tales to sing in the night while in the forest."

The track Vertiges is the third from Les belles structures to be released as a clip, I featured La route de Dreu last month which followed the , vertigestrack Je ne partirai pas, je n'irai nulle part.

Les belles structures, on Dokidoki, is the second album by the band that consists of cousins Arnaud Vincent and Matthieu Devos.

Their debut Le Monde Entier was released in May 2011, although the band was then only a two piece of Arnaud and Matthieu. Arnaud writing the songs, Matthieu adding the keyboards and the technology.

The band's music is clever and darkly elegant, with a melancholy that recalls the likes of early New Order, with a voice delivering the lyrics with a measured and dramatic gravitas.

They play in Paris on June 3 to mark the album's release.

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